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Failing to wear a protective mouth guard during contact sports, or suffering some other accidental blow to the mouth can sometimes impart enough force to knock a tooth out of its periodontal socket. In some of these cases, the root remains in the socket, but the remainder of the dental structure fractures away at the gumline.

In a dental emergency of this magnitude, you need to seek the kind of specialist endodontic care offered at Joseph R. Conard, DDS’s clinic.

After assessing the severity of the damage to the tooth and its root, Dr. Joseph Conard will apprise you of the most effective mode of treatment. This might involve performing a root canal to restore what core structure remains of the traumatized tooth. This also serves as the first step in creating an abutment for a dental crown restoration.

Once the prepared abutment has been protected by a temporary crown, Dr. Joseph Conard will likely provide you with a prescription for any necessary pain medication. Taking it at the required times and dosages will help maintain your comfort while your gums and other traumatized oral tissues heal.

When you are ready Dr. Joseph Conard will start the process of fitting the tooth for a dental crown. Once installed it will fully restore the tooth’s physical presence and function in your mouth.

If you are in the Waynesville, North Carolina, region and you have just had a tooth knocked out, you need to call 828-452-1187 to schedule an emergency appointment at Joseph R. Conard, DDS’s endodontic clinic.