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Do you know why gum disease is dangerous to your oral health? Do you know that gum disease can cause you to lose your teeth? Yes, it’s true! Gum disease can pose a serious threat to your smile. Your oral health is essential, which means avoiding gum disease should be a priority.

Our dentist, Dr. Joseph Conard, cares about the health of your smile. That is why our team at the practice of Joseph R. Conard, DDS in Waynesville, North Carolina, is willing to help you with gum disease disasters.

Here is a list of insight into the reasons why gum disease is dangerous:

– Gum disease is an infection that begins deep within your gums.
– There is almost no pain with gum disease, which is why many people do not know they have it until they are struggling with tooth loss and other oral health problems.
– Plaque, which is the bacteria that sticks to your teeth and gums after you eat or drink and can trickle into your gums that prompts gum disease.
– Gum disease can trigger tooth loss, bleeding, and swollen gums, persistent bad breath, and even bone loss.
– The highest cause of tooth loss among adults is from gum disease.

If you have gum disease, then please seek treatment right away by calling our team at 828-452-1187 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to treat you and assist you with your oral health needs.